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  • Facility functions as intended.
  • Facility completed within budget.
  • Facility completed on time.
  • Facility completed with a pleasant, positive experience to the owner.
  • Savings can be realized during the initial planning process.
  • Contractor must be involved from the initial planning process through the completion of the process. This insures that the project will be designed to meet the owners needs.
  • Time and money are saved by utilizing this design- build process.

*Project schedule can be accelerated or "FAST TRACKED" if required,
through early permitting and preordering of long lead time items.




PHASE I - Preliminary Design/Budgeting

1. Selection of Architectural/Engineering Firm
2. Space Programming
3. Development of Project Schedule
4. Schematic Design
5. Design Development and Cost Estimates

PHASE II - Final Design and Construction

1. Site Engineering and Approvals
2. Construction Documents
3. Final Design/Guaranteed Maximum Pricing
4. Interior's Planning/Material Selection
5. Complete Site and Building Construction
6. Owner Orientation and Occupancy



Design/Build is a method of construction delivery in which a single entity performs both the Architectural/Engineering services and the construction work.

In traditional contracting, the Owner commissions an Architect/Engineer to prepare drawings and specifications and then selects a contractor either by negotiation or competitive bidding. This method often takes much longer and results in projects that exceed the budget, only to require redesign. By contrast, using the Crown Commercial design/build approach combines a designated Architectural/Engineering staff and our general construction management staff to work closely as a team, to produce a product which meets the Owner's needs, rather than simply acting as professional advisors to the Owner.


The Crown Commercial team approach provides a unique set of advantages not available in any other method of delivery.

  • Single Source Responsibility. A single contract is signed between the Owner and Crown Commercial Design/Build team who in turn designs the project to meet the Owner's functional and budget requirements; prepares all contract documents and drawings; and executes and manages all trade contracts necessary to complete the project. The Owner looks to a single entity responsible for cost control, schedule adherence and quality assurance.
  • By utilizing design/build, the Owner can exercise his design control over the process with the added advantage of continuously knowing the cost impact of each decision.
  • Time Savings: Long-delivery items are identified and ordered early in the design process and phased construction is utilized to significantly reduce the total design-construct time.
  • Cost Control During Design: Crown Commercial Design/Build team, working closely with the Owner, develops a project budget and initial cost estimates early in the conceptual design state. Continuous estimating throughout the design process results in firm costs much sooner than the traditional process.
  • Cost Savings: Overall costs can be saved through reducing design- construction time and value engineering.
  • Value Engineering is a method of comparing alternative systems based on initial costs and life cycle costs. This process is ongoing and results in substitution of materials, design, equipment or systems thereby increasing the quality.


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