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Select a site that will allow for future building and parking expansion.

Position your building on the site to allow for potential expansion in the direction that makes the most sense in terms of internal functions and exterior appearances.

When presenting building plans to zoning and planning boards, indicate on the drawings the potential future additions to the building.

If expansion will occur within five to seven years, design and install original mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection equipment to satisfy the requirements of the future enlarged building.

Consider building additional unfinished shell space that can be quickly finished when needed with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

Consider the use of modular building materials, such as precast concrete or insulated metal panels, that can be removed and then reused on the skin of the building addition with little waste in material.

Create accessible raceways above the ceiling or in the floor to allow for future expansion and changes to computer and telephone wiring.

There are many other considerations when planning for future growth, including factors specific to each business. Your design/build general contractor can point out the options and offer cost versus benefit recommendations. Many growth strategies can be incorporated in your building at minimal impact on the original construction budget by careful programming and design.


The team formatted by Crown Commercial Design/Build may use a variety of contract formats in order to tailor a design/build program that will satisfy our clients. After the schematic phase and design development phases are completed we propose one of the following contract formats:

Open Book - Guaranteed Maximum Price - "GMP"
A fee is agreed upon for Design/Build team's overhead and profit (based on the projected budget) and from our experience and some preliminary bidding; we develop realistic cost projections for the full scope of the work. The Owner is given a complete cost breakdown for the project. A minimum of three bids is then collected from qualified contractors for each phase of the work. The design/build contractor then reviews them with the Owner and together they select the contractors that represent the best value. If the combined bids result In a price even lower than the Guaranteed Maximum, these savings are shared with the Owner.
Lump Sum
The Design/Builder provides a stipulated lump sum for design and construction of the project. All project cost risks and rewards accrue to the Design/Builder.
Cost-Plus Fee
Accurate advance cost estimates are not available for certain types of construction projects. In this case, the Client and Design/Builder agree upon the design fee and Design/Builder's fee for overhead and profit and work under cost-plus fee agreement. It is possible for the cost-plus agreement to be converted to a guaranteed maximum when scope and cost are to be more exact.

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